Learn New Skills. Improve Your Life! For Free

Our Free Classes through our change your life program help people acquire skills to move toward self-sufficiency and life transformation, through caring relationships and classes/training opportunities. Love INC organizes and equips partner church members from across many denominations to lead courses and/or walk alongside (mentor) people in need for a set time period (usually 2-4 months).

Why wasn’t this stuff taught in school? These valuble skills based classes help you learn essential skills that weren’t taught in school. Our classes help you get a leg up and improve your life for free! when you take a free class through our change your life program, your receive high quality training from our teachers. On top of this you are paired with an ally who will help you implement the lesson directly into your life.

Free Classes Offered Through Our
Change Your Life Programs

These free classes are offered in Bozeman & Belgrade locations. If you would like to start or attend a class in another town in Gallatin County, we would love to talk with you more! Contact Jane @ changeyourlife@loveincgc.org

Faith & Finances

Join our Faith & Finances Community any
Spring and Fall semester in Bozeman and Belgrade.

Through this free class you will learn to overcome financial obstacles, set savings goals, make spending plans, manage debt and loans, and more.


FREE 13-week course includes: dinner, workbook, childcare, and

transportation (if needed)

This course is aimed at helping you in both practical and personal ways
as you learn how to manage your finances well,
moving you toward financial freedom. Contact Jane at Gallatin County Love INC:
406.587.6395 or changeyourlife@loveincgc.org

Love Your Kitchen:

One  Free class is held each summer

In our FREE 7 week Love Your Kitchen class, you will learn how to eat healthier on a budget, receive nutrition and menu planning tips, and participate in hands-on food preparation!

Our next class will begin in June. Space is limited. Transportation is available and childcare is provided.

 Contact Jane at 406.587.6395 or changeyourlife@loveincgc.org to register. 

Resolving Everyday Conflict

Everyone encounters conflict ~ whether it’s with a co-worker,
family member, friend, or stranger;
yet we all desire harmony in our relationships.
Learn how to turn conflict into healthy relationships
Spring and Fall semester in Bozeman.

FREE 9-week course includes: dinner, workbook, childcare, and
transportation (if needed)

Spring Registration Deadline: February 18, 2021

This study unpacks the truth about conflict and relationships. You will
acquire powerful and practical tools as you learn about topics such as when to overlook an offense, the root cause of conflict, what forgiveness really means,
how to deal with difficult people, and much more! This course is designed to help you learn how to have healthy conflict, and ultimately how to develop
healthy relationships in your life.

Contact J
ane at Gallatin County Love INC:
406.587.6395 or changeyourlife@loveincgc.org

What participants are saying.

“I want to thank you for inviting me to take the finance class again, this time I have learned
even more and that with the help of my ally, which he was extremely helpful, I think I should be able

to manage my finances.”


“I am so glad to be learning self-control in such a beneficial way. I have been using
everything I learn and the results are very exciting! Thank the team Love INC, especially the group
of Faith & Finances Spring 2021!


“I am, indeed growing with the class. Though I don’t have a lot of conflicts, it has helped me be more aware of my actions in the past and align with mindfulness as I make my way through the present and plan my future. With the support of the group setting and the lesson and practices, I’ve gained confidence to act on opportunity to develop relationships and participate in more social and volunteering time. I’ll be at my son’s school helping them out every school day for the rest of the year and I’m glad to have tools on board to navigate all the personalities with love and Christ like insight.”