Plant the Seed Keynote Message by Dr. Virgil Gulker

On April 10, 2017, the founder of the Love In the Name of Christ movement, Dr. Virgil Gulker, was the keynote speaker for the Gallatin Valley Love INC annual fundraiser event. His words were timely and helpful and we hope you are blessed by them as much as we were hearing them the first time.


Love INC 2016 Holiday Hours


Our Help Line (587-3008) will be open on December 12-13 and will then close until Tuesday, January 3.

Our business office will be closed between December 23-January 2.

Our Clothes Closet in Belgrade will still keep various hours over the holidays. To see the current schedule, visit our online calendar here.

To get a jump start on the assistance process for when our staff and volunteers return on January 3, fill out our online assistance form here. Please note that it won’t be seen until we have volunteers back in the office on January 3.

The Food Bank will also be keeping limited hours over the holidays, but HRDC will have food boxes to hand out while the Food Bank is closed. If you are in need of this type of assistance, give HRDC a call at (406) 585-4840.

We pray you have a warm and safe Christmas, that you are able to remember the baby who was sent as a baby to be the redeemer of our souls, and that you find the peace that passes all understanding.

Love to you. In the Name of Christ.



Save the Date!



Be sure to mark Monday, April 10, 2017 down on your calendars! We will be holding our annual Plant the Seed Dinner and Silent Auction Fundraising event that evening!

Details will be coming in January!



The main road to our business office is closed this week in both directions. To the casual observer, this presents a pretty significant problem – how do we get to where we’re going? There is no obvious alternate route. Just after our staff/volunteer devotion time yesterday we were all abuzz about this situation and the various goofy ways we all ended up getting to where we ended up. It was quite comical and a little disconcerting to hear how each of us was so easily frustrated by the thwarting of the familiar and the fact that it took us an extra 10-15 minutes to arrive.

And then one of our volunteers mentioned her son who is working in Texas right now where all the flooding is happening. It took him three hours to get where he was going and there is no immediate hope for improvement there. The silent pause around our table was deafening. You could almost see all of us thinking about what we’d just been so easily frustrated by and how our perspective changed in a second when we considered what this man, and so many others in his are having to deal with right now.

Being able to see another side of a story, or even a different story altogether is sometimes all it takes to reorient us to what is right and true. This is part of what we try to do here at Love INC and a big part of how God moves in our own hearts as we serve. It’s so easy to get caught up in the need of the moment, and indeed, the need of the moment can be blinding with its intensity at times. But experiencing the love of Christ through a sweet conversation, or delivery of a much needed household item, or prayer over the phone can sometimes provide the just the right amount of shade needed to see the road ahead to the next turn.

Prayer is a great perspective bringer, and God the great changer of our hearts.

Volunteers Provided a Ramp

Screenshot 2016-05-23 09.19.25

Dear Love INC,

You made my day!

I met with a patient of mine today who has had ongoing mobility issues for some time. The stairs leading up to his home prevented my patient from easily getting in and out of his home as he has recently had to rely more and more on the use of a motorized wheel chair to get around. I reached out to Love INC in hopes of getting my patient a ramp for the entrance to his home and today he brought me some excellent news! Love INC was able to build a ramp for the entrance of his home!

With a grin on his face, my patient told me how wonderful his new ramp was! He “felt like a person again” to be able to take his wheel chair outside to his riding lawn mower and mow his grass! He said he forgot how good it felt to just get outside independently, something I  think many take for granted.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support of this gentleman and the support you provide for so many of our clients. Your generosity goes a long way towards helping others and has such a positive impact on their overall well-being!

Thank you! You have made a real difference in the life of this man!

With Gratitude,

A Story of Personal Care

The Personal Care Pantry is primarily stocked by caring people from forty-four various Christian churches who partner with us. We facilitate making sure we have the items on hand, but our faithful volunteers keep it running. It’s open every other week on Thursday mornings (call us at 406-587-3008 if you need more information on this).

We’re pretty good about telling you when we have a need there (and we do – we’re very low on almost everything right now), but we wanted to give you a little snapshot of the why behind it.

The other day, one of our Personal Care Pantry volunteers told us that during her recent shift a client told her she had received a homemade washcloth the last time she’s been in. She uses it as a cry rag under her pillow at night. It reminds her that someone in her community cares about her.

Is is about the things? Partially, yes. Is it about the people? Absolutely. Always.

Not Your Everyday Gift Basket

Recently, a family called to tell us they lost their baby a year ago and wanted to provide some gifts to a family in need with a child around the same age, out of memory for their sweet one and to be a blessing to someone else in need.

It was a sweet, sad, thoughtful gesture and we were honored to match them up with one of our client families we knew would benefit from this selfless gift.

Need a Ride?

Yesterday, a really exciting thing happened. We were able to say YES to a request we normally have to say no to.

We got a call from a gal who needed a ride the very next day to a place that is outside of our normal service area. It can be difficult to find a volunteer the day before the ride is needed. it can be even MORE difficult to find someone willing to make a 4-hour round trip on behalf of someone else.

Yet, our volunteer who took the call yesterday didn’t say no. She said she would pray and she would see what she could do. Then she started making phone calls.

The very first person she called said she would do it.

I’m not sure why we are still surprised when we see God working. He does it all the time. But it was exciting, nonetheless, and we rejoiced together that this sometimes hard-to-meet need was met in a very short span of time. And we’re grateful for our volunteers who recognized the urgency of the need and stepped up to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our own community this week.