Donate Clothes | 5 things you need to know before donating your old clothing

Donate Clothes | 5 things you need to know before donating your old clothing

We have all been there. Closet space is running low, but you want to update your wardrobe. You decide it’s donate clothes! But what steps should you taske before dropping a bag of clothing off at your local nonprofit? We have compiled this list of some important things to think through before donating your clothing.

Donate clothes | Love INC clothes Closet

1) Know what clothes to donate

You may have heard people say something like “Anything is better than nothing.”

Often it can be easy to think any donation is a good donation, but if you are intentionally donating to a nonprofit like Love INC, where they are trying to give the best of the best to our neighbors in need, that old holy shirt is not the best option. Before donating an item, research what the nonprofit you are considering donating to is looking for. At Love INC our Clothes Closet asks for cleaned, new and gently used clothing. We want to bless our neighbors in need by giving them the best we have to offer!

Still looking for a place to donate that old shirt? Try one of these great thrift stores we partner with:

Twice Treasured

4 Corners Thrift

2) Volunteers make it possible to donate clothes to your favorite nonprofits!

It’s important to remember that the people sorting, stocking, and folding all the clothing donations are volunteers. People who spend countless hours investing in a cause they believe in. Think of ways you can make things easier for them. Bring washed clothing. Organize it by season before you come. By doing this you are helping the process move more smoothly and in turn allow more people to be blessed with great quality clothing!

3) Donate Clothes not trash

This one should go with out saying, but it is important to note. When donating, only donate items that are usable and not a burden to some one else. Don’t give a pair of pants missing buttons or a pair of holy shoes. Imagine you are the one receiving the donation being given to you. Would you feel blessed to receive it? If the answer is no, it might be better to take the item to the local dump.

4) Really looking to bless people when you donate clothes? Donate Kids clothing, small men’s clothing, and winter gear.

For what ever reason at Love INC we are always in need of small men’s clothing and kids clothing. These sizes fly off of our shelves and often we do not even have anything in stock!

As for the winter gear, Montana is cold! Many people move here without the appropriate gear (and often costly) gear. By providing winter clothing we can help families alleviate financial strain, to pay down bills and improve their quality of life.

5) Consider buying clothing to donate

When you give clothing it doesn’t need to be used. Imagine walking into the clothes closet and finding a brand new shirt with the tags still on! This would truly make your day and make you feel your inherent worth as an image bearer of God! The better quality we can provide, the more we can care for others. Stores like walmart will often offer deep discounts on out of season items. When you donate these to Love INC we are able to store them for the next season and bless people with brand new clothing!

6) You don’t need to stop at donating!

I know I said there would be 5 tips, but I am are throwing this one in as a bonus. You can do more to help our neighbors in need than just donating. While we are truly grateful for all the donations we receive, none of the ministries would be possible without committed volunteers. Check out our volunteer page to learn more!