One Day at a Time, A Love Story

Last week, Love INC received a call from a single father to express his heartfelt thanks for all of the help that he had been given. His road as a single father has been difficult, and there have been many speed bumps along the way, but over time his life has been changed by caring Christians living out their faith! Two years ago, he took a chance and reached out to Love INC after just getting out of rehab. He didn’t have a job or a car and was struggling to make ends meet. A multitude of caring partner church volunteers entered his life and helped him turn things around. He participated in Love INC’s Faith & Finance class, where he was paired with an ally who helped him learn how to budget and manage his finances. He received Personal Care Items to help alleviate the financial strain he faced. Caring Christians accompanied him to the DMV to get his driver’s license. Once his budget allowed for it, he even received a car, donated to Love INC by a caring neighbor. He wanted to contact Love INC to share that he was still putting into practice all that he learned and that his credit score was at an all time high and to thank the many Partner Church volunteers who entered into his life to help him move from Surviving to Thriving.

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