The main road to our business office is closed this week in both directions. To the casual observer, this presents a pretty significant problem – how do we get to where we’re going? There is no obvious alternate route. Just after our staff/volunteer devotion time yesterday we were all abuzz about this situation and the various goofy ways we all ended up getting to where we ended up. It was quite comical and a little disconcerting to hear how each of us was so easily frustrated by the thwarting of the familiar and the fact that it took us an extra 10-15 minutes to arrive.

And then one of our volunteers mentioned her son who is working in Texas right now where all the flooding is happening. It took him three hours to get where he was going and there is no immediate hope for improvement there. The silent pause around our table was deafening. You could almost see all of us thinking about what we’d just been so easily frustrated by and how our perspective changed in a second when we considered what this man, and so many others in his are having to deal with right now.

Being able to see another side of a story, or even a different story altogether is sometimes all it takes to reorient us to what is right and true. This is part of what we try to do here at Love INC and a big part of how God moves in our own hearts as we serve. It’s so easy to get caught up in the need of the moment, and indeed, the need of the moment can be blinding with its intensity at times. But experiencing the love of Christ through a sweet conversation, or delivery of a much needed household item, or prayer over the phone can sometimes provide the just the right amount of shade needed to see the road ahead to the next turn.

Prayer is a great perspective bringer, and God the great changer of our hearts.

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