A Story of Personal Care

The Personal Care Pantry is primarily stocked by caring people from forty-four various Christian churches who partner with us. We facilitate making sure we have the items on hand, but our faithful volunteers keep it running. It’s open every other week on Thursday mornings (call us at 406-587-3008 if you need more information on this).

We’re pretty good about telling you when we have a need there (and we do – we’re very low on almost everything right now), but we wanted to give you a little snapshot of the why behind it.

The other day, one of our Personal Care Pantry volunteers told us that during her recent shift a client told her she had received a homemade washcloth the last time she’s been in. She uses it as a cry rag under her pillow at night. It reminds her that someone in her community cares about her.

Is is about the things? Partially, yes. Is it about the people? Absolutely. Always.

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